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ENH Coaching and Consulting is committed to working with organizations to strengthen and empower managers to assume leadership roles and lead with values and integrity. I am passionate, fully invested in my craft, and committed to partnering with clients. As your coach, I will tap into your incredible qualities, align your desires with available resources, and work together to move you toward your goals.


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  • Eleanor Holloway

    With over 30 years of experience in government and public service, I have been a guiding force in mentoring, counseling, and coaching individuals to unlock their full potential in life and work. I collaborated with individuals in the public, government, and private sectors, helping them enhance their managerial and organizational skills enabling them to transition to their desired levels of expertise. I am dedicated to working with organizations to strengthen and empower managers, helping them assume leadership roles characterized by values and integrity.

    Final Note to Clients

    I am dedicated to your success, empowering you to claim your seat at the next level and achieve your life aspirations.

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